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6 Ebola Virus Facts Nurses Need to Know

The struggle to contain the Ebola virus outbreak in Western Africa has been the source of a lot of foreboding-and some would say alarmist-stories about the spread of the disease. As medical professionals, nurses need to be prepared for how to ensure the safety of their patients while also addressing their concerns about this deadly disease. To help we've compiled this list of six Ebola virus facts to help nurses understand the disease and address the concerns of their patients.

Tampa Medical Assisting Instructor Wins Master Teacher Award

Lauren Ramirez is the medical assisting program coordinator at Rasmussen's Tampa/Brandon campus, and she has always made an effort to provide multiple venues of learning for her students. She employs teaching practices that are not only educational, but also engaging and fun.

5 Healthcare Innovations Impacting Medical Professions

The medical industry is arguably one of the most exciting and anticipated places for innovation. Who doesn't dream of a cure for genetic diseases or elimination of cancer? These are topics that hit home for everyone and, as such, healthcare innovations themselves can often be as sensitive as they are sensational.

New Legislation Sheds Light on Importance of Surg Techs in the Operating Room

A patient often trusts that when they are unconscious lying on an operating table all the hospital staff performing their surgery is credentialed, but for some hospitals, that's not a requirement. Currently, the only hospital staff position in the operating room that is not required to meet minimum education and certification standards is a surgical technologist, or surg tech.

Why it's the Right Time to Become a Health Information Technician

A lot take places between the time you arrive and leave a clinic, and it's the Health Information Technician who ensures the process runs smoothly. This position is responsible for ensuring everything is transcribed correctly on the bill and is the newest and hottest upcoming healthcare profession.

The Health Risks That Come with a Lack of Summer Sun Protection Infographic

As the new school year nears, many of you are probably trying to soak up those last few weeks of the summer sun, especially if you've been stuck inside all summer. For many of us though, protecting our skin outdoors is an afterthought. Check out our infographic below to make sure you are protected from the summer sun.

Shield Yourself, Others from Illness: Take Part in National Immunization Awareness Month

The back-to-school hustle has begun for both young and old. Children are busy soaking up the last of the summer's rays, college students are preparing for that first semester, and of course, parents are rushing about to schedule their children's necessary vaccination appointments. In fact, August is such a popular month for shots that it is now officially designated National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM).

The Truth Behind Sunscreen

It is essential for own health to shield yourself when you're out in the sun. Learn more about the myths and truths about SPF.

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