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Bloomington Computer Science Grad Proves Himself While Still in School

In his previous career, Bloomington computer science graduate Michael Gunderson would be elbow-deep in auto parts, trying to piece together the remnants of a vehicle; now he is rolling his sleeves up and piecing together something entirely different-software. These jobs may seem vastly different but both boil down to piecing together parts of a system in order to make it more reliable and efficient. This is how Gunderson has moved from nuts and bolts to scripts and syntax.

IT vs. Computer Science: Which Degree is Right for You? [Infographic]

If you're looking for a program that will prime you for success in a variety of technology careers, you're probably considering IT versus computer science. We created this infographic to provide you with a side-by-side comparison of these fields of study so you can decide which suits you best.

What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

Are you considering earning a computer science degree? If so, you're probably curious about what your options will be after graduation. We broke down the top ten computer science careers to help you in your research.

Careers in Computer Science: Face the Facts

If you're looking for a new career in technology that is both stable and lucrative, computer science is a great option! We uncovered four irrefutable computer science facts to help reinforce the notion that a career in this industry is definitely worth pursuing.

Computer Science vs. Information Technology (Part 4): Where are the Jobs?

The first three articles in our "Computer Science vs. Information Technology" series provide an overview of the basic job descriptions, skills needed, job outlooks and salary information for both industries. This final installment addresses perhaps the most important question in the entire series: Where are the jobs?

Computer Science vs. Information Technology (Part 3): Outlook & Salary

There's a good chance that one of the reasons you decided to pursue a degree is to get a better job and, in turn, earn more money. While some say that money can't buy happiness, it can help you sleep a little better at night knowing you can properly support your family. So when you're considering investing in a technology degree, it's perfectly natural to be curious about the job outlook and salary trends of the field in which you're hoping to work.

Computer Science vs. Information Technology (Part 2): Skills You Need to Succeed

A common debate many prospective technology students encounter is that of computer science versus information technology. The two seem quite similar on the surface, so it's easy to confuse one for the other. But before you invest time and money in a college degree, it's important to know the day-to-day skills needed to survive in each industry.

Computer Science vs. Information Technology (Part 1): Which Degree is Right for You?

If you're interested in earning a degree in technology, you've probably considered computer science versus information technology. While the two may seem similar on the surface, they are fundamentally different in nature. It's important to have a comprehensive understanding of each so you don't waste a lot of time and money preparing for the wrong career.

Unreal Engine IV: An Engine for the Designer

The game engine is the core of the entire gaming experience that allows for all the graphics and actions to be rendered. Designers are behind the use of game engines, but several variables still exist that require manipulation by programmers. Unreal Engine IV puts design back in the hands of designers by increasing simplicity and efficiency between going back and fourth amongst developing and testing.

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